Simple & Easy Holiday Exercises

Simple & Easy Holiday Exercises

With the holiday season quickly approaching, there is no better time to find the right balance between your health and future festive relaxation. This article will address the value of maintaining a healthy routine during the holiday season and provide some tips that will benefit you in the long run.

Creating a health plan during this time of the year takes work. Everyone is conditioned to relax for the holidays and rarely gives healthy aptitude a second thought. However, the advantages of fitness for your health cannot be understated. As one of the ten lifestyle habits in our GoLively App, the CDC recommends that "Each week adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and two days of muscle strengthening activity" (CDC, 2022). Believe it or not, working out is not the most challenging part. Most people who start their workout journey often fail because they struggle to maintain a certain level of consistency. Exercise doesn't have to be extremely difficult, but as long as you're doing it three to five times a week, it will positively impact your health.

Stretching Tips

Here are some proper guidelines to consider before you start working out. Include stretching before and after your workout, and stay hydrated. Stretches can include but are not limited to hip stretch, low lunge pose, bound angle, and standing forward bend. Furthermore, listen to how your body responds, so don't risk injuring yourself right before your family or friends gather!

Workout Routine

This workout is simple, easy, and requires no equipment, so feel free to do them at home, outside, or even during a break at work! After stretching, perform three sets of 15-rep bodyweight squats to target your quad and hamstring muscles. Next up, do three sets of 10 pushups while making sure you go as low as possible with your chest parallel to the ground. Remember that maintaining proper form is the most critical aspect of the workout because it will enable you to target all the right muscle groups while lowering your risk of injury. If there is any time you need clarification on your form, make sure to utilize the resources below for a better understanding of the technique within each workout. Lastly, do four sets of 10 Russian twists to work on your core and oblique muscles.

If you thought the first workout was too easy, this second session will be an excellent opportunity to test your fitness level as you attempt more challenging exercises. In this next workout, let's start with four sets of 10 walking lunges (10 per side) and hold the 90-degree angle for a couple of seconds for maximum results. Then, while keeping your legs bent, we will perform three sets of 15 tricep dips on a bench or chair. Try three sets of ten superman back extensions to strengthen your back and improve posture. Finish off the workout with four sets of 15 abdominal crunches.

Take into account these are beginner workouts, and everyone has different body types, so it's okay if you want to adjust the number of sets or reps to fit your personal goals. Most importantly, make sure you have fun with these physical activities as you prepare for the holidays.

That's it from us. Stay tuned for additional blogs with advice on how to perform all ten lifestyle habits and to elevate your health score. Happy holidays from us the GoLively team!

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