Liu Foundation Launches New Lively Habits Short Video Series To Educate The Benefits From Preventing Chronic Diseases

Lively Habits intends to educate, motivate, and condition personal behavior change with ten integrated lifestyle habits from Harvard and Stanford's evidence-proven to prevent chronic disease.

Liu Foundation Launches New Lively Habits Short Video Series To Educate The Benefits From Preventing Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases — diabetes, cancer, asthma, and heart disease — are the leading causes of death and disability. The United States spends $4 trillion (around $12,000 per person) annually on healthcare, and more than 75% treats the rising prevalence of chronic diseases. According to the RAND Corporation’s healthcare report on Multiple Chronic Conditions, about 60% of the US adults or 81% of the US seniors have one or more chronic diseases that use almost 90% of the nation’s health care budget. That means the remaining 40% of the healthy adults use merely 10% of the health care cost.

Although these statistics may be discouraging, the good news is that Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s evidence-based research concluded that practicing healthy habits can significantly reduce the risk of chronic disease. Harvard University’s research revealed that following simple habits prolongs your life for more than 10 years. The research started by following participants starting at the age of 50 until around 80. The 30-year study concluded that the participants with unhealthy lifestyles were 82% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 65% more likely to die from cancer when compared to those with healthy lifestyles.

The potential benefits of reducing the rising prevalence of chronic disease through Harvard’s healthy lifestyle habits inspired the Joe & Emmy Liu Foundation to take action and promote healthy lifestyle changes in our community. The Liu Foundation devoted the charitable Lively Habits App and a series of Lively Habits Videos to educate, motivate, and condition personal behavior change with the integrated 10 evidence-based lifestyle habits from Harvard and Stanford University to benefit public health for a low-cost and low-maintenance, healthy life.

Lively Habits app is a holistic lifestyle education and behavior conditioning app utilizing a well-known psychology technique - operant conditioning. The Lively Habits app guides users through 10 self-assessed questions. Each question focuses on one of the ten evidence-based lifestyle habits. The app intends to use simple scoring to help individuals recall and follow the 10 lifestyle habits for long-term adherence to a healthy lifestyle. Lively Habits Videos is a series of short and educational videos utilizing social media platforms to educate the younger generations on the dangers of getting chronic diseases from unhealthy habits. Lively Habits Videos are on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok highlighting the health benefits of practicing all 10 evidence-based lifestyle habits.

“Join the Lively Habits Project to show your opposition to the global chronic disease pandemic,” said Ray Kuo, Program Director at the Joe & Emmy Liu Foundation. “We look forward to collaborating with media influencers across public, private, and nonprofit sectors to accelerate the change to a healthier society.”


The Joe & Emmy Liu Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)3 private operating foundation founded by Silicon Valley semiconductor veteran Joe and his wife Emmy 2019 intended to give back to society. The Foundation’s mission is promoting lifestyle habit changes for a healthier society. Lively Habits app is the first charitable 10 evidence-based lifestyle habits to prevent chronic disease. Download the Lively Habits app and start your lifestyle changes today!

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