Breathing Techniques for a Better Life

Breathing Techniques for a Better Life

With our daily priorities, we feel there is less time for ourselves than ever. One solution to slowing down your daily schedule can be done by controlling your breathing. Having a proper breathing technique is one of the most underrated ways to improve your daily habits. Furthermore, breathing can enhance workouts, improve your happiness, and lead to many other benefits.

Get Comfortable

Breathing exercises should be simple and can be done anywhere at any time. Even though this is the case, it is best to practice your activities in a place you feel comfortable with, whether in your bed or the library. A second note to keep in mind is consistency, as the more often you practice, the better you will understand your breathing. Lastly, give yourself the grace to learn without pressure, as breathing exercise feels the most rewarding when your mind is relaxed

Breathing Exercises

Deep Breathing: This first type of breathing starts by lying on your back, whether on a bed or chair. Take deep breaths through your nose as your stomach rises, and breathe fully out. In total, repeat the motion three times for more clarity.

Focus Breathing: Start focus breathing by closing your eyes and taking multiple deep breaths like the ones mentioned before. As you take a deep breath, say a word or phrase in your mind as you set an intention. For example, “I will go to the gym” or “I can finish this project” are some helpful intentions but feel free to try out your own.

Lion Breathing: Our last breathing exercise involves the lion breathing technique, which works exactly how it sounds. Utilizing our deep breaths, we exhale with a powerful sound like “HA” or “YA.” These powerful exhales gives us confidence and a different type of stress reliever to work with.

Breathing and Chronic Diseases

A Research article by Matthew Hoffman, MD, reports that lung issues are one of the most major chronic diseases in the world. Which include diseases include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and pneumonia. Furthermore, these are all lifelong issues that people around the world have to deal with on a daily basis. That’s why it is so important to utilize proper breathing techniques that will allow us to have a better quality of life.

Live It Up on the Daily

For more types of healthy lifestyle content like this, feel free to visit our website and social media channels. We have tips on how to eat correctly as well as finding the right exercise on a weekly basis. While proper breathing techniques are an excellent start for a better life, taking advantage of other healthy habits will provide more help. Last but not least, remember tomorrow is another day for you to live it up!